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Terms and Conditions

Each entrant can enter their premises into a maximum of five categories. Select one only from Bar Type, one only from Food Type (If applicable) and up to 4 categories from General.

Entries must be submitted via the official online entry system. Entries submitted in a different format will not be accepted. Please type your responses in the answer boxes provided. Handwritten entry forms will not be accepted.

Entrants must attach at least one image with their entry.

Entrants must attach copies of their menus if entering food categories.

Please note: you can only enter one of the three food categories; either “Restaurant Bar of the Year” OR “Gastro Bar of the Year” OR “Bar Food of the Year”

Entrants must complete the release form agreeing to waive the cost of adjudicating your premises. Waiver form to be returned to or upload to the entry form no later than 3rd May 2024.

The Bar of the Year Awards are judged in two sections. The written submission is the first round of judging. 

The second round of judging will be the site visit/inspection undertaken by members of the judging panel. Judging will commence in mid May / June /July.

No correspondence may be entered into with members of the judging panel following their visit to your premises. The judges have been instructed not to comment on their inspection when leaving your premises so please do not press them for information. Entrants may not lobby for an Award.

While at all times the judges will endeavour not to visit during peak periods, due to the volume of entries to be judged we cannot guarantee that judges will not visit on a Friday or Saturday night. Remember, judges’ visits are unannounced in order to enable us to assess your business incognito.

Judges will only visit your premises once. Please note on your entry form your hours of opening and if you close on any day during the week.

So that entrants are not aware when judging is taking place, judges will pay for their drinks/meal, retain the receipt and upon departure, present the receipt and waiver form to your staff for a full refund. Please communicate this process with your team. Please note that if signed waivers are not accepted your entry to the Bar of the Year Awards shall be deemed void.

The overall “Bar of the Year Award” will be presented to a category winner that has been deemed to have performed exceptionally well in its chosen category.

Finalists must have a representative present at the awards.

The judging panel’s decision is final.

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