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Sponsor Spotlight – istil38

We’re thrilled to have the team at istil38 on board for sponsoring the category Best Newcomer in this year’s Bar of the Year Awards! 

Without the support of our sponsors we wouldn’t be able to have such a successful annual event and in turn we ask you to consider supporting our sponsors with your business where you can.

Modern Irish

Istil 38 is a forward-thinking Irish vodka for people who are going places. Life’s too short to settle for less, so we’ve dedicated ourselves to hand-crafting a vodka that is simply better tasting and better for the environment. Now isn’t that a refreshing thought?


Our Flavours

Istil38 Vanilla Vodka
A sweet, perfumed aroma vodka with a hint  of woody flavors. Ideal for Espresso or Pornstar martinis

Istil38 Vodka  
The copper pot distillation process has given  us a super smooth vodka with a velvety  feeling in the mouth. Making istil38 ideal for  Martinis or mixed drinks

Istil38 Pink Vodka 
A slightly sweeter juicer flavored vodka, with  hints of ripe raspberries, strawberries and  blackberries. Istil 38 Pink makes a beautiful  low-calorie Pink Spritz cocktail.

“Istil38 is ambitious, accomplished, and exceptionally well made.”