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Meet our sponsor Schweppes!

We are delighted to have Schweppes on board as our sponsor for the 2024 Awards!

Without the support of our sponsors, we wouldn’t be able to have such a successful annual event and in turn, we ask you to consider supporting our sponsors with your business where you can.

Schweppes was founded in 1783 by Jacob Schweppes. He invented the first ever process of capturing bubbles, and from this carbonation system, Schweppes Soda water was born – the world’s first ever soft drink.

Thanks to Jacob we have been enjoying the superior taste of Schweppes mixers for over 200 years and is the No1 branded mixer in Ireland enjoyed with and without alcohol. With consumers increasingly looking for flavoured mixer options, which deliver on taste and fizz, Schweppes has the perfect range to meet this demand. The Schweppes 200ml range is available in Tonic Water, Slimline Tonic Water, Elderflower Slimline Tonic Water, Soda Water, Pink Soda Water, Ginger Ale & Lemonade.