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Meet our sponsor Roe & Co!

We are delighted to have Roe & Co on board as our sponsor for the 2024 Awards!

Without the support of our sponsors, we wouldn’t be able to have such a successful annual event and in turn, we ask you to consider supporting our sponsors with your business where you can. 

Roe & Co. is a contemporary, Irish whiskey firmly positioned at the premium end of the Irish Whiskey category. Distilled at the Roe & Co Distillery in Dublin 8 and helmed by head distiller Lora Hemy, the brand is actively reimagining every aspect of the whiskey making process in Ireland.

Roe & Co is stirring up an established whiskey category, collaborating with bartenders to re-imagining everything from the taste by adding layers of bold, vibrant flavour to the bottle, which looks and feels modern and distinct to other products currently available in the Irish category.