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Sponsor Spotlight – Moutai Ireland

We are delighted to announce that Moutai Ireland will be sponsoring Innovative Bar of the Year at the 2022 Bar of the Year Awards!

Without the support of our sponsors we wouldn’t be able to have such a successful annual event and in turn we ask you to consider supporting our sponsors with your business where you can.

“Moutai is reputed as one of the most luxurious and rare spirits in the world”

Moutai – a Chinese baijiu with a rich heritage that originated all the way back from the Qing Dynasty. It differentiates itself from other spirits with its unique production processes, rich layers of aromas, as well as its special silky flavours. Each bottle of Moutai goes through a full year of production cycle with nine times high temperature steaming, eight times fermentations, seven times extractions, and five years of ageing.

Like many other premium spirits, Moutai has its very own way of savouring to fully appreciate its exquisite taste. You can tinkle your taste buds through senses of visualization, smell, and taste. The multilayered aroma and complex flavour of Moutai bring you a unique sensation like no other spirits you have experienced inthe world.

Moutai can be drunk in neat, paired with dishes, or made into cocktails! The multifaceted flavours of Moutai enable a unique taste in each of its drinks, bringing a new range of possibilities to the world of mixology.

“Bringing a new range of possibilities to the world of mixology”

Making tracks around the globe, the popularity of Moutai is no longer limited to China or Asia. Many pioneers in the mixology industry around the world have caught on with the new trend of Moutai cocktails. It is a luxury spirit perfected for generations of trendsetters and tastemakers to come. In fact, a recent cocktail competition held by Moutai Ireland has spun off many innovative Moutai cocktails created by talented bartenders.

As a legendary brand with centuries of history, Moutai is always striving to be at the forefront of the spirits industry and is committed to encourage innovative ideas in the drinking industry. This year, Moutai is proud to sponsor the ‘Innovative Bar of the Year’ category in the ‘Licensing World Bar of the Year Awards’ in light of promoting more ground breaking ideas in the world of mixology!